Of course we all want secure borders. But ripping toddlers from their parents arms—and locking them in cages—making unaccompanied infants appear in court—profiling and detaining Latino US citizens—that’s not border security. That’s border insanity.

This has got to stop.

Donald Trump’s wall is not the solution. Spending billions of dollars and shutting down the government for that wall is flat-out wrong. We deserve an elected official who won’t let hundreds of thousands of people suffer—at home and at the border—just to stroke a president’s wounded ego. I won’t stand for that.

I spent a lot of my life living right on the US-Mexico border. I understand how it works. A healthy, secure border provides for the controlled, orderly flow of people and commerce across it. That flow of commerce is vital to our nation’s role in a global economy. But we also have a duty to the world to show compassion to those that are most vulnerable—the ones who come to us because they have no home and no hope. That is what it means to be America. We can be that shining beacon to the world once again. We can Rise Above and Get It Done.