I don’t want to take away everybody’s guns. That’s just silly. My uncle taught me to shoot, and I took my first gun safety class at nine years old. In ROTC basic training, I earned a sharpshooter award with the M16-A1 rifle. But in high school, I lost a good friend because someone was playing with a gun at a party. I miss my friend Robbie, and I don’t want other kids to be killed like he was. No parent does. That’s why I support sensible reform of our current system.

I support a national background check system that disqualifies a person from owning a gun if:

  • They have been convicted of a violent misdemeanor or felony

  • They are on a no-fly list

  • They have been charged with domestic abuse or violence

  • They have documented and untreated mental health issues

  • They are under the age of 21

Battlefield weapons do not belong in our communities. Civilians do not need automatic weapons or high-capacity clips. Same with bump stocks.

School teachers should not be armed. Schools and colleges should be gun-free.

Every youth should take a required gun safety course that focuses on the potential dangers firearms can pose.