I’m a scientist who has studied climate change. I teach this stuff. If you’re unsure about climate change, or if you find it hard to grasp, you’re not dumb. It is hard to understand, because it is complicated. But it’s a real crisis. I worry about it. For me, and for my kids.

At the same time, doing something about it presents economic opportunity for the Fourth District. There are things we can do here at home that will address this worldwide problem and at the same time boost our economy.

Our elected representative has not brought this opportunity home for us. Our elected representative does not acknowledge that Michigan—our farmers, our kids and our wild places—are feeling the effects of climate change. I have the skills and the background to do what it takes to tackle this problem.

What about the Green New Deal? Let’s be clear: This is a wishlist. It’s going to take scientific expertise to move the GND from dream closer to reality. We need scientists in Congress—not career politicians who don’t accept the science. I have that background.

Weather, atmosphere, oceans and the Great Lakes all feel the effects of a changing climate. Our economic welfare will too. For me, climate and economy are bound together. That’s why I have a plan for our energy and economy that takes advantage of our unique setting in this district. Read about my plans for energy and the environment.

Climate change is not something partisan that we should fight about. We can work towards a solution. Let’s Rise Above & Get It Done.